Consultation Services & Advice

We have been supplying professional consulting services to private clients, auction houses, antiques and art dealers, museums and national institutions for over 20 years. 

From providing guidance and advice on acquisitions to conducting in depth reports and evaluations of artefacts, our expertise is unrivalled.   

We have played a pivotal role in identifying, securing and repatriating several large Blue-John pieces of national importance. We have  provided key information and conservation services, caring for the historic Matthew Boulton Collection at the Birmingham Museum and Soho House and have worked closely with the Natural History Museum in London to help identify and catalogue much of the Blue-John mineral specimens and objects in their care. 

Our unparalleled knowledge on the industry and the individuals involved, the craftsmen’s techniques and styles, mining history and local geology, has allowed us to identify and date many objects that would have otherwise remained anonymous.  

Whether you are considering a purchase and need advice, or have an object that you would like to know more about, there is little we don’t know about Blue-John and its people.  

From buying, to restoring. Providing insurance quotes and estimates. From cleaning, lighting, displaying and caring for Blue-John objects, our services will ensure that your investment or collection has the very best possible care available. 

Please contact us for your individual needs. What ever your requirements, large or small. Services and prices vary from a one off flat fee of £15 to monthly subscriptions or hourly rates depending on the level of service required.