Our Partner

We sell our products exclusively through our website and through our partner, Scottish Antiques. Based at the historic Corn Exchange at the Pantiles arcade in Royal Tunbridge Wells,  the well known Antique Roadshow expert Eric Knowles is the chairman. 


The Corn Exchange hosts an elite collection of the worlds finest art, ceramics, glass and furniture, all under one roof and is backed and operated by some of the world best known experts including, Mark Hill, Eric Knowles, Charles Hanson, Richard Price, to name a few. 


We are truly honoured to be in the company of such experts and to have our artworks sitting alongside Clarice Cliff, Rene Lalique and other masters of their craft is truly humbling, but is a tribute to our world class skills and meticulous attention to quality and detail.  

Our pieces on sale at Scottish Antiques:


Tall Blue John Fluorspar Chalice


Blue John Fluorspar Chalice